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Forums - Sales Discussion - how would be wii sports sales be...

if it wasn't a pack-in game in america? any guesses. when i look at japanese sales, it's still amazing that wii sports still hovers around the top 10 sales charts month after month. i don't see this game going away anytime soon. as for america, i wouldn't be surprised that wii sports can sell just as well if it were a standalone title. do you think wii sports would surpass twilight princess sales if it were a standalone title? also when i look at sales of Nintendogs, i can't help but think that Wii Sports will perform just the same since both of these titles appeal to a broader audience and they are killer app titles that show off what their respective machines can do.

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About 70% of the pack-in sales I reckon

wii sports will pass 4 million units sold. mark my words.



Like, you say OP, it's a killer app and would do well regardless. To turn the question on it's head - how well would the Wii sell without Wii Sports? Not much better than the GC in my opinion.