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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bloodborne: Build experience/ideas/strategies thread.

Hi everyone!

This is a thread where we can each share our favorite/current build for Bloodborne and why we chose it. It is also a place where we can talk about our experiences with the build we are using as well as make suggestions in possibly improving such builds as well as a place where anyone can ask for suggestions on builds. It is also a place where we can rate others' builds (of requested)

This is a place where newbies can find ideas about which build may be best for their playstyles and for more experienced players to discuss ideas on how to improve current builds or evolve new, fun and powerful build ideas.

Discuss away!

My current build is using a skill based Mercy Blades build that forgoes the firearm and goes full on dual wielding. I have the whip cane as a backup when I need range or face a large group. I chose this based on the fact that I love stringing comboes and i find that the leap-back attack (R2) is really very effective when used to pick off powerful opponents at low risk for retaliation. Tho I still use the whip-cane a lot in boss fights.

How is my build and what build are you currently using?