Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is a smashlike game too complicated for mobile?

I've been working on creating  a touch control scheme for games on mobile that doesn't have the same issues that infuriate me when trying to play more action oriented games.  I was wondering if you guys could take a look and tell me what you think.

It's an early work in progress so there are obviously some issues.  Player 2's analog does not show up.  It is there in the lower left corner respective to that players view and works just fine. I'm not exactly sure why it doesn't show up. I've made sure the camera isn't culling it... I haven't added real collision just yet.  There is enough so that they don't fall through the walls and floors but for actual attacks and what not they don't really do much besides play the animation.  Props and effects also aren't in so while Mario or Luigi may make the motion of throwing a fireball or supercape you wont see one come out. I'm using Unity3d to develop.  It's mostly just a control scheme test at the moment but I can't help but worry that the idea as a whole is just too complicated for the audience or platform.  Feedback would be greatly appreciated.  

P.S. How on earth do you embed a youtube around here?