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What is your favourite new Mortal Kombat X Character?

D'vorah 7 22.58%
Ferra/Torr 10 32.26%
Kotal Khan 8 25.81%
Cassie Cage 5 16.13%

I'll claim Raiden if noone else has yet.

This should be good!


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

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Noob Saibot for me!


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OT is shaping up very nicely! Either update tonight or tomorrow!


How i love announcements of announcements... They said they were going to a week ago.bBut, i dont really care. I'm not feeling it with this new MK. I think the extra variotions on the character are preventing a larger roster.

OP V.1 is up.

Coming soon:

Character bios, gameplay and storymode explained, videos.


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Boon just posted this image as a hint to who will be revealed tomorrow.

Man I really hope it isn't Nightwolf!!!


That Quan Chi. So fepic.


Can't wait for this game, looks riper.

Ok I'm claiming Kabal.