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Forums - Sony Discussion - Any one else getting Condemned 2: Bloodshot?

This looks like an interesting game

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Ill get this as soon as it comes out. Really looking forward to it. Sounds cool and scary!!!

There is like 5 people here that will get this game...come on guys!
You are making Sonic cry. He's going to have to make more shitty games if other sega games don't sell...

I think the reason you're not seeing much response is because Sony fans aren't familiar with the franchise.

Personally, I'll definitely be getting this game but that's not much of a surprise since I played the first on the 360. It's really an underrated series and deserves at least a rental.

If you like scary games and shooters, this is the game for you. It makes Silent Hill and Resident Evil look like Mickey's Adventures at Disneyland in comparison. The first one scared the piss out of me a few times. Never before have I spent so much time in a corner, facing outward, mumbling "oh fuck oh fuck where are they i hear them where are they" in a video game.

This is the type of game that was made to be played on a big ass TV in the dark with a good surround system. 

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Yeah, maybe I should have put this thread in off topic to cover both the 360 and the PS3 people. Regardless, I am very happy the PS3 is getting the sequel, because the original port was cancelled (I played it on PC). Oddly enough there is no PC version this time. They must have just figured the piracy would hurt them more than help them.

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I love scary games and horror movies and this game looks really good.

But with Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 3, White Knight Story, and Metal Gear Solid 4 coming later this year (*crosses fingers*) I don't want to use up my game budget so early... 

It's not fair, there are just too many games I want to play.  :(