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Forums - General Discussion - Wolf Among Us PS3 Free on Amazon!?

Well I was looking at Best Sellers in Video Games on Amazon when I noticed Wolf Among Us for the PS3 was among the list with the price of $0.00.

I'm not a US resident so I can't purchase it and check  if it is indeed free. If anyone can test and report back that would be helpful.

Edit: I just noticed it is only the first episode but for free its definately nothing to complain about. It lets people try out the first episode without paying and if they enjoy it they can purchase the other episodes.

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I "purchased" it earlier. I haven't tried it yet but it gave me a code.

I stumbled across it in the same way. I was like, "why is this ranked so highly," but then I saw the "free" part. I've been wanting to try this series for awhile and you can't beat free.