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definitely a regular.

the nintendo wii will outsell the ps3 and the 360 combined by the end of 2008.                           

        PS3 will out sell the 360 june 2010.                                                                      

  GOTY of 2008 is super smash brothers brawl.... hopefully.


Wii: 45 million         xbox360: 26 million       PS3: 19 million (made beginning of 08)

wii: 44 million         xbox 360: 24 million      PS3: 21 million (made june 08)

wii code: 8094-5344-2140-1400

brawl code: 5412-9565-3232   

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has some perfect console predictions.

Nintendo Network ID: Sherlock99

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Currently playing: Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks and Red Steel.

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Smash Bros Brawl- 5284 2865 3565

Mario Kart Wii- 0216 0932 4306

Mario Strikers Charged- 034471 707985

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Has some good n64 games.


has some ps1 games

Wii/Mario Kart Wii Code:2793-0686-5434
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his bloody sig is in the language French!

Loves Okey.

doesn't know what education means :P

Wii/Mario Kart Wii Code:2793-0686-5434

Changed his avatar recently.

has changed his sig recently?, its new to me

Wii/Mario Kart Wii Code:2793-0686-5434