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Wii - Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
360 - Final Fantasy XI: WoTG
PS2 - Rouge Galaxy (It broke and will not open, been sitting there for months now)
PSP - Final Fantasy Tactics
DS - Professor Layton and the Curios Village

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Wii: Japanese Brawl
DS: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
PC: Haven't touched it since Portal, won't touch it again until Spore and StarCraft 2.

Xbox360: Dead Rising
PS3: Heavenly Sword
Wii: Fire Emblem
Dreamcast: (hold on while I check)Blue Stinger!Wtf?
PSP: Ghost & Goblins
DS: Contra 4
Super NES: Super Mario RPG


Wii: Zack & Wiki.
DS: Contra 4.
GBA: Resident Evil Gaiden.
DC: Star Wars Jedi Power Battles.
PC: Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds(first PC game I've played in years).

I don't leave games in any of my cartridge consoles. X-Box and PS2 are kapoot and empty.

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DS: Phantom Hourglass.
Wii: RE: UC.. I think :p.

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Wii: SSX Blur.
N64: nothing, it's been packed away in a box for about a year.

Wii: Melee

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360: DMC4 (just got it a few days ago)
Wii: Mario Galaxy
PS2: Tales of Destiny - Director's Cut (my gf is playing it)
SFC: Dragon Quest III (Super Famicom remake)

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Wii; DBZ Tenchaichi 2

DS; Kirby

360; Tomb Raider Anniversary

mZuzek loves Starfox Adventures