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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Division takes 'full advantage' of PS4

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It's a shame Ubi is becoming the new EA just when they had a lot of series with great potential. Ah well.

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The Division takes 'full advantage' of PS4

means either

"Sony pays us for exclusive marketing"
"We don't always hit 30 fps or can't get to 1080p because optimization is expensive or the console is too weak"

must-have-list for platforms i don't own yet:

WiiU: Donkey Kong

XBone: Dead Rising 3, Ryse

Well if this games have exclusive marketing with other company it would be difficult to judge either true or false the statement is. I better wait for euro gamer hands on for the games, either way i am not expecting to much. I just be grateful if the games coming to PS4, but if this trend continue is better not buying any game platform in the future.

just like assassins creed unity

Sigh. You're just a french EA now, Ubisoft.

Bet with Xander XT: 

I can beat more games on his 3DS than he can on my PSVita in a month. Loser has to buy the winner a game on his/her handheld Guess who won?


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FFS Ubi, have you ever heard of "lay low for a while"?

I seen somebody write MS have the advert deal for the division. If so I cannot see them hitting the highest potential for the PS4.

Yeah i suppose we will see. Wont be preordering this untill reviews and digital foundry has had a go with retail builds. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me

KingdomHeartsFan said:

How about you utilize the offline mode.

They might do so after seeing the reception given by the press to Destiny.

Will you stop talking about engines and power and make your game?