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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mafia Round 70 - Smash Brothers - Wahahaha! Wario Wins! (And Mafia Too I Guess...)

Mafia ROund 70 - Smash Brothers!
Host: Theprof00


Player Name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Role/Alignment
Astrogamer  Khan -- No vote --  Yoshi Spurgeonryan -- No Vote --  
WhiteeaglePL  Padib  -- dead --  -- dead --  -- dead --  -- dead --  Missing
impertinence  Padib -- No vote -- -- No vote -- -- No vote -- Astro  
Mr Khan  Padib  Smeags  Yoshi Spurgeonryan Astro  
Stefl1504 -- No vote --  Smeags  Yoshi Spurgeonryan Hylian  
Conegamer  Padib  Smeags  Spurge -- dead --  -- dead -- Missing
HylianSwordsman  Khan  Smeags -- No vote -- Spurgeonryan Astro  
Noctis_Nox  Padib -- No vote -- -- dead -- -- dead -- -- dead -- Missing
Nicklesbe  Padib  Smeags  Yoshi  -- dead --  -- dead -- Town double voter
Yoshiya -- No vote -- -- No vote --  -- dead --  -- dead --  -- dead -- Mafia Redirector
Smeags  Khan  lynched -- dead -- -- dead -- -- dead -- Jester 
Wonktonodi -- No vote -- -- No vote --  Yoshi -- dead -- -- dead -- Town Jailerkeeper
Padib  Khan -- dead -- -- dead -- -- dead --  -- dead -- Mafia Ninja
Radishhead  Padib -- No vote -- -- No vote -- Spurgeonryan -- No Vote --
XanderXT spurgeonryan  Khan  Smeags  Hylian -- dead -- -- dead -- Town Tracker
Clyde32  Padib  Smeags  Yoshi -- No vote -- Astro  
Lynched:  Padib  Smeags Yoshi Spurgeonryan    

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Day 1 Start:
Day 1 vote total:
Night 1 Start:

Day 2 Start:
Day 2 vote total
Night 2 Start

Day 3 Start
Day 3 vote total
Night 3 Start

Day 4 Start
Day 4 vote total
Night 4 Start

Day 5 Everybody Dinosaur

Misc. Rules

  • Never talk about the game outside of the game thread unless your role allows it (e.g. Mafia).
  • Never post your role PM.
  • Never post in the thread after Night falls. 
  • Do not talk after you've been killed, lynched, or otherwise discombobulated.
  • Don't take the game too seriously; remember, it's all just for fun.
  • Never edit previous posts. You may however, quote a post and edit it in order to point out a correction.

Special Rules for round 70

- Everyone will have a role. Most all roles can be found on this sitelink:

- Days will last 6 IRL days; night will last 2 days.

- Double lynch will occur if 2 players are tied for the same number of votes and are in the lead.

- Players will be able to vote: timelimit which will advance the clock to 48 hours unless the clock is already under 48 hours.

- Players will be able to vote: extension which will set the clock to 24 hours if the time limit is less than that.

- Players are required to bold their votes and put them on line at the bottom of their post. Votes that are made mid sentence and/or not bolded will not be counted. This is a strict rule!


Possibly more to be added
Special Smash Brothers Mafia Rule!

The player who casts the hammer vote on another player will receive a bonus equating to immunity from being killed that night.



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