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kupomogli said:
Rankstrail said:

just examples: Coded Arms, MHFU, MGS Portable OPS plus, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Warhammer 40k squad command, GT Portable, GTA, Phantasy Star Portable 2 (months ago I checked and the official servers were still up), just tell what games should I get, they are cheap now, it won't be a big problem for me to find a used copy. I'm also willing to start games/series I never played if you really want.
I tried today MHFU because someone was playing it at the moment (other rooms have little population), worked very well for me.

edit: Metal gear ACID 2 is nice too for me.

If you have Dissidia Duodecim I'll play that.  There's always adhoc party on the PS3 if you have the console.  Adhoc party works well, although the Japanese version is better.

My ps3 just died.... that's the reason, anyway PSP production stopped, so you are still depending on a service that will eventually be discontinued (not avaiable on ps4 is a hint) I don't think AdHoc Party will last long....

Thank you very much for your time, I hope you can manage to setup the program and the psp/psvita, if you need help maybe I can help a little, I awaiting to finally play with you I hope in the following days

Persona 5 on PS3, I won't need next gen!