Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should we thank Steam for PSN and XBL flash sales?

I don't really ever remember so many  deep discounts on somewhat newer games on PSN or XBL until recently. Same thing for PSN and XBL free games.

This is why every gamer should truly want all systems to have a good deal of success. I don't think MS would give away games if PSN weren't around. Just as I believe PSN wouldn't exist or would be half hearted if XBL didn't exist. Hell, Nintendo might not even have online services unless they had to compete with MS and Sony. We need good competition out there to keep all companies honest and ready to compete.

I really couldn't care less who sells more consoles as long as its close enough to keep the other guys on their toes. Success for Sony and MS equals success for EVERY gamer. Too much success breeds arrogance and stagnation and in the end we all lose. Do we really want ios and android to take over gaming? They are already putting a dent into mobile gaming, if one of the major players drops out of race how long until we are stuck playing all our games on ipads, tablets and phones?

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I guess although one would think gamers would be smart enough to not pay for something that should be free to begin with but oh well... Something is better than nothing I guess


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No? Steam didn't invent sales.

Figgycal said:

No? Steam didn't invent sales.

But no one does sales like Steam.
Especially with THOUSANDS of games all discounted at the same time during a sale.

Xbox and Playstation still have a very long way to catch up still, should be interesting to see if Steam provides much pressure this generation which could benefit all gamers.

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Study shows that people hardly play, or finish their Steam games.

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Thank XBL for steam achievements while ur at it. 

The gaming industry reminds me more and more everyday of the film/movie industry.

I certainly do think Steam needs to thank XbL for achievements. Sony fans need to thank XBL for the Trophies.

Sales aren't new, but I'm seeing some pretty damn low price drops that I honestly can't remember happening in previous years. TR, Thief already at a %50 sale price? EA is having a nice sale right now.

I remember old games and non-AAA titles going on decent sales once in a while, but the sales on consoles are starting to show some actual surprises. But of course, no one runs more awesome sales than Steam.

Steam single handedly got me back into PC gaming. I'll admit I'm not a keyboard mouse man for most games, I just plug in my 360 controller and its like having a super console.