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Blood_Tears said:
amaral_slb said:
It means that Sony keeps undershipping compared to the competition, that needs to be less aggressive to sell well in US. It is actually comical how incompetent the America part of Playstation is, when it comes to selling the console.

Maybe for PS3, but from the looks of the data PS4 is bucking that trend.

I am sorry but no it is not. How could have they screwed this launch after Sony HQ made a greatly balanced machine (power/price)? They can´t but I bet money how come next BF and Holiday season, MS will be more agressive when it comes to shipments when it comes to US ofcourse, even if demand is highers for the PS4.

This as been the case for years now, just look at how much time it took for the 12gb PS3? Why is there a 64gb vita card in japan only when US is where people download more games? Why be agressive in a BF bundle with a 3rd party game in it where you have to pay WB for it when you had GOW, Beyond and smaller games to bundle it with Last of us and maybe be more agressive with pricing?

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means yield issues obviously

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