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Forums - General Discussion - Mafia Round 58: Avatar The Last Airbender

Since no one seems interested in doing it, I went ahead and make a sign up thread:

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Final-Fan said:

You make some good points, but from reading your post I'm not sure you really are appreciating the fact that PRINCESS AND JESTER IN THE SAME GAME

Yeah definitely imba. I can't remember if Mario had mentioned it, but I'd  bet the Jester was added in last minute. Town should've gotten a name cop instead of that, with one of the Mafia being a flavor-Godfather.(Think radish actually being Sokka for example)

Nachomamma8 said:
Linkzmax said:
Neither of you are considering the alternative. A mass claim would have essentially gotten every mafia lynched without safe claims or going last. Even with a safe claim Nacho's knowledge of the flavor would have gotten me lynched if not for his lie and disappearance.

Mafia didn't win due to the safeclaims, just they helped us not lose. Town lost due to playing poorly.

Pretty much. Us being able to make a modest comeback due to flavor was unfortunate because we were pretty much outplayed in this scenario. I didn't originally mean to lie; I claimed too quickly because I hadn't opted to commute any of the nights (wasn't around, who would kill me?), then figured I would be powerlynched if I said that I forgot my role. So, I said that I lied about my role originally to mitigate damage, which I think would have worked just fine if not for the disappearances. The first couple of days were not really shining town moments, though; moreno should have never been lynched as a vigilante, and I have no idea why Spurge got lynched although Stefl played the role beautifully (unfortunately, not beautifully enough). 

I understand. I thought it would have made for a really bad trap, but I don't actually consider every lie to be automatic scum. Town does have good reasons to not be 100% honest.

Agreed, everyone(myself) included was saying that it was likely a vigilante, thus quite likely Town, and then moreno gets lynched when he could have cleared himself. Spurge simply spurged it up, and I didn't even have to push for his lynch one bit.

radishhead said:
Linkzmax said:
radishhead said:
My name is Sokka, I'm a friendly neighbour but I was blocked on the one night that I've been in-game and able to send my hawk to a player. Presumably Baalz sent Hawky to somebody while he was still in the game; did anybody currently alive in the game receive it?

Isn't this something you can ask Mario about? As in Baalz action(s) prior to you replacing in.

He never told me when I took over the character, but I'll ask him now

Oh and if I were Town I'd have lynched radish the second he said this. No good host replaces someone without that kind of information.