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Forums - Sony Discussion - Tekken Revolution F2P out now

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Free Tekken game

I would say take my money... 0 0%
I am so on this! 2 66.67%
Huh, free, might check it out. 1 33.33%
Heh, no thanks not my thing. 0 0%
Free to play is still too much to pay! 0 0%

In all the craziness of E3, you may have missed this entirely. But just to recap. Tekken is now free to play.

10 characters are yours to play off the bat and you get rewards for playing regularly to help build up your character(s) of choice.

Arcade mode

Online ranked matches

Oh and Trophies so...yay?

The game is pretty fun to play especially if you like Tekken but more importantly-

It's out right now.

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