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Forums - Website Topics - Annoying ads around the site.

Begin, Pissed off Rant... 

Never noticed it before, but latly these annoying ads have been around the site. I Am speaking of the smilyface ones. It wouldn't bother me if they didn't call out "Helllllloooooooooooo!!!!!" everytime i accidently roll over them!

 Sure I can turn off my speakers, but it's only a little while before I'm listing/watching something, and need my speakers again, then the ads give me a freakin heart attackwhen they scream at me! In the time it took me to do this, I accidently rolled over the ad twice! I just hope the site gets a nice bit of cash from these stupid ads!!!

 ...End, Pissed off Rant.




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Servers ain't cheap. Deal with it.

Say something!

I keep my speakers off ^_^

But what annoys me is the pr0n ads. I've got 3-way pr0n ads (all on every side) today a couple times.


Yeah I know, if you keep reloading the pages you either get the pr0n ads or the smily ads. Right now I have on my pop-up blocker, but it slows my PC a bit. It's a real inconvineance.




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That's why you get ad blocker.

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