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Forums - Gaming Discussion - iwata on using the wii-mote/chuck for fps games

I always had the idea of using the nunchuck accelerometers for turning and the wiimote for shooting, but I don't think those accelerometers are responsive enough for it personally I don't care if they use the bounding box too much so long as they allow us to set the size of the tv screen so that the reticule matches up with where you are aiming the pointer. Years of Time Crisis and Point Blank means I don't even need the reticule but my skill went down considerably when we got our new 50 inch tv because the wiimote's pointing didn't match the reticule. Anyone got any ideas about how this works in MP3?

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I own MOH Vangaurd (mostly for the multiplayer deathmatches) and played the entire game. While the game itself was OK, I thought the controls were still very good. If this is what is out now, I can't wait for MP3. I have not played Red Steel so I can not offer a comparison.

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