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kain_kusanagi said:
Rafux said:
Microsoft timed exclusive? Impossible! EA and Sony are bros for life also BF3 sold almost the same on PS3 as on the 360

Like Squaresoft and Nintendo?

Contracts end, new deals are made. Business is business. Nobody are friends when money is on the line. Partners yes, but partnerships end when better offers are made.

Is sad when people can't differentiate a joke from a real comment. I know Sony and EA are 2 companies I live in the real world thats why I said BF3 sold just as good on PS3 to make it MS exclusive.

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wfz said:
AbbathTheGrim said:
Pemalite said:
arcane_chaos said:
hopefully the PS4 version looks as good as the PC version

 only thing that beats it is...  A PC with 120hz 3D Eyefinity/Surround Vision. :)

Nope. Real life looks more detailed, real and runs smoother.

That's debatable. Real life suffers a lot from way too much bloom, poor AI, and decaying graphics (which society tries to say is just someone's eyes going bad). It's not that impressive, really.

So God a lousy developer confirmed?

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because:

superchunk said:
maximus22 said:
What is surprising is the very blatant F U to the WiiU.

What' surprising about that? They've done a full 180 on Nintendo support and have blacklisted Nintendo all together.

It's surprising because above all EA cares about money.  If there are PS3 and 360 versions then the WiiU can obviously handle the game as well so how hard could it be to port it and sell to another demographic that might otherwise not buy it.  When a business makes dumb moves for petty reasons it surprises me.