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Forums - General Discussion - What Song Are You Currently Listening To?

An easy question.  Simply everytime you listen to a song while on the PC make mention of it.  Casual thread just to show what music ya listen to.  Of course I'll start.  And jsut for ease here's an easy to follow setup:

Artist Name- Song Name


Sony name by Artist name

Just choose whichever you like best.  So I'll start


Collective Soul- Shine 

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I am probably listening to one of these.

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Um ok I was hoping for a post of a song rather than a link to another thread but whatever floats your boat.

Staind- So Far Away

Red Hot Chili Peppers - don't forget me






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Chelsea Morning by Joni Mitchell

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Actually nvm, ignore my post.

Live- Lightning Strikes

Blue-Utada Hikaru

River Below by Billy Talent. I'd love to play this song on Rock Band.

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Seigmen - Mesusah

Spacey Norwegian grunge for the win. :)

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