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Forums - Sony Discussion - Uncharted 3 MP Free-to-Play Sees 100k Downloads in NA After the First Week

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I've joined it. It's great to see it being a success, PSN really is striving lately.

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If you can't sell it give it away lol

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M.U.G.E.N said:
9087 said:
i hate the maps in this game

U2 was better mp

aww hell no..I disagree on the maps big time

UC3 maps >>>>>>>>>> UC2 Maps. The only map that even comes close to UC3 maps would be the village...and the game has a better version of that too :P

This x10, UC3 maps are far more fun. UC2 feels like a shooter whereas UC3 actually feels a bit more sneaky which I love since I usually platform and melee + hip fire like a whore often x'D

I'm downloading it right now. Would be nice to find you guys on PSN.

tbh this isn't going to last very long from what i'm seeing the veterans are stomping the crap out of the new players and i'd expect that this'll turn a lot of people of off
this can be a fairly difficult game to get into online, which is why i always have a laugh when i see people claiming its so easy or plays like a movie or whatever from the sp portion

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Ji99saw said:
If you can't sell it give it away lol

shouldn't a post like this be bannable?