Forums - Gaming Discussion - Let's be honest. What team are you on? (MASSIVE UPDATE)

Removing previous poll XD

HAHA 17 26.98%
HArdy Har 18 28.57%
MWAHAHAHA 23 36.51%

(Usually I don't have much spare time to be an active poster, but I visit VGC a lot)


I'm a citizen of PlayStation Nation!

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The only one that actually cares for the gamer and promotes the long-life of the gaming market.


Nintendo 4 life!!

Add me to the PC list.

Add me to the 360 list















LOL no PS3 xD

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Can I be in both Nintendo and PC teams?


It's just that simple.

Microsoft for me

I guess I'm Multi Platform then since I own handhelds and consoles from all the big 3.

Jaywood, when you updated the OP shortly after my post, you forgot to include the most vocal (and hateful) Sega fan on VGC: Ronster316. 

I think you missed his comment, because he posted before you said you uptated the OP...