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Forums - Gaming Discussion - So i Just finished Darksiders II.... ending explanation?

So as the title reads, i just completed the game. Let me start by saying i never played the first game, but even after reading up on it, I still dont understand the ending to darksiders 2. Is there anyone who can explain it ?

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Urm... Which part? :P

It's a mess. Apparently Death "die" to revived all the humans, but he only revived their "seeds" (as mentioned in the game) so it wasn't a fully reincarnation of man kind, one could say his death was in vain. The very end of the game shows the ending of the first Darksiders in which War (Death's brother) breaks the last seal, which means the 4 riders of the Apocalypse will come together again, even after dead.

This is what I understand from various comments on the official Darksiders forums, most people agree this is what happened.

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The ending is very lackluster. Best part of the game is the Maker's Realm. It is a pity developers could not achieve same quality throughout the game. IMO this game had a pontential that was never fully released.