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Forums - Website Topics - 360 Numbers Part III

I can't reply to any of my threads... so, here's a response from the part II thread...

TalonMan said: Monty said: Apparently we broke the forum again as I can't view the last posts in the 360 thread. Anyhow, here's my last post: Some of you are citing the 8 days worth of sales in Canada (Nov 22nd 2005 - Nov 30th 2005) as proof that Canada sells 10% of the US. However, I really believe that an 8 day period of sales during a very shortage filled launch is hardly conclusive proof of this. However,as I said, if it is 10%, then that is 500k. How many do you people believe that Mexico sold in the last 14 months? Most here say they believe it would be less than Canada, but in the same ballpark. Let's say 300k just for fun, as I highly doubt it could be any lower than that. Granted they don't sell a lot, but over a 14 month time period that's just 21,000 a month. So going with most of YOUR figures, Canada/Mexico sold around 500k-800k. Let's plug that in to what we know: - 2.9 million sold in the US from launch until Oct 06 (source: NPD). - 2 million sold in between Nov 1st and Dec 25th, 06 (source NPD) - 2.87 million all other places in the world, outside NA (source: vgcharts) - 800k for the rest of NA - 200k for the last week of Dec 2006 in the US That is 8.7 million. If you believe the NA total to only be 400k, then you're still above vgcharts at 8.3 million. Keep in mind we're not even adding in 2007 yet, and vgcharts was at 7.9 at the end of the year. I think I've more than proven my point. Unless you believe NA sold ZERO consoles in the last 14 months, there is no way you can believe vgcharts as being accurate I honestly cannot believe we are still discussing this. I'm going to quote something for you: "the data on VG Charts is unofficial and in some cases incomplete" "You can rest assured that the data found on vgcharts is as accurate and up to date as possible." These quotes come directly from this very site - do you follow? And for all your posting and nitpicking, you've managed to narrow this entire debate down to a difference of 500k in what you believe the numbers should be and what is actually posted on the site. In addition, I've also pointed out that: 1) The 200k you keep throwing out as 'sales from December 25th to the 31st' is irrelevant and can't be used for this argument because: a) That is a holiday shortened week (meaning less days that retail stores are actually open) which means you can't assume that the amount of consoles sold the week before are actually comparable to what was sold that particular week. b) Nowhere on this site does it say the numbers are posted up to the very second a cash register posts a 'sold' sign (unlike some other sites would lead you to believe this is even possible) 2) The 300k you claim as 'Mexican sales' is unproven and total speculation on your part. You have, in no way, provided any proof that people in Mexico don't, in fact, import their consoles directly from the US as was pointed out by another poster. You want to insist that we give this country a special allotment of sales with no basis on your part - but if it means that much to you, than here's your 300k. Which means we are now down to debating a difference of 300k of what is posted on this site and what you believe the numbers to be. The only point you've proven is that you are stubborn - almost to the point of unreasonable. 1) You started this with an assertion that nearly 10 million 360's were sold and, using your own deduction, have reduced this claim to 8.7 million. But this is still not good enough for you. 2) Your original claim was that 300k were sold in Canada on launch - when I point out to you that the original launch actually sold 32k (compared to the 325k in the US (10% by the way)), you change your stance and say we can't judge sales based on an 8 day period. You further admit that it was a shortage filled launch, but yet, have never retracted your original claim that Canada somehow managed to sell another 250k in December of that year. We know that the US sold about 300k during that same time (due the shortages, as you are already aware), yet somehow believe Canada must have gotten an equal alottment of systems and was able to nearly match the US... ...pfft. So, now I have to ask you a question: What exactly are you looking for here? Are you seriously trying to discredit this site based on 300k consoles? Are you really that desperate to make the 360 appear to sell more? Will this make you feel better? Ok - you win. This site is completely worthless because it's numbers are off by 300k... :|
I answered a lot of your questions in the other thread, but apparently it is broken again. Anyhow, as I repeatedly stated I'm focusing on NA as it is the easiest to prove where vgcharts is wrong and where we have the most data. Also, as I said numerous times, I still believe the number is what I originally stated, but for the sake of this argument I adopted your guys's numbers to show how even your own numbers still don't add up. For example, I'll be more than happy to take YOUR assumption that Canada sells 10% of the US total. As I posted in the other thread, we know the US total to be 5.1 million through Dec 31st using NPD data. 10% is 510k. I'll be happy to take YOUR data that Mexico sells 300k since launch.... Mexico did have a launch, and does not receive consoles from the US... in the other thread in a post lost this really made me realize what kind of people I'm debating here that you think Mexico didn't have a launch, and doesn't receive any shipments from MS. Using YOUR numbers added to NPD numbers, that is 5.9 million for North America. vgcharts is reporting 5.2 million. The reason your still discussing this is because I'm making damn good points. If you're mad at the 700k difference for NA alone, blame NPD, blame yourself, or blame vgchart... I'm only pointing out the obvious. If it's near 1 million difference in NA (as you helped point out), then how far off is it for the rest of the world?