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Forums - Website Topics - weezy and superchunk banned!!

both are banned...

where does this end?



PS. if i made another thread about this i cant find it if it is somewhere  : im sorry

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dude, it was locked because this is spam. Just talk to members with the PM system. Why make a thread about this?

too whom should i address this?

b/c its secret police all over this page---i needs my tin foil hat


And kirby007 too..

At the beginning of this site people got banned because of good reasons but the last times some people get banned for silly reasons =/.

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konni =OFT but i am going to make this a little longer so its not spam and i wont get squashed by the ban hammer


shhh.. they're watching...

From 0 to KICKASS in .stupid seconds.

anyway isn't this spamhunt going a bit too far?

Mods are just going on ban streaks recently. Geez starting to be like other forums I talk on.