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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Holiday sales report = Bunch of made up lies

Here, read this Real numbers are still on the way. Patience my friends

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I thought that was odd since I was seeing so many unsold Xbox 360s in stores. Now I know why.

I don't think this is stricly true. NPD definitely haven't released any official data yet but these are estimates, likely leaked from people 'in the know'. So basically I wouldn't take them as fact but should be a good indicator. None of the numbers are much different to industry predictions anyway - Wii on par with DS / GC launch, PS3 supply limited and Xbox 360 doing 1.2m Dec off the back of 500k November (USA only). All seems pretty reasonable...

Good point. The Xbox 360 has had time to build up its stock while the Wii and PS3 are still recovering from the launch in November. The numbers I'm really interested to see will be the DS Lite and PSP sales.

TrueDragon said: Here, read this Real numbers are still on the way. Patience my friends
Yeah, I think it's probably an overestimate for 360 after fairly poor sales in November. Kind of reminds me of last month when someone made a mistake about 360 sales through November and everyone jumped up & down saying 360 had beaten Xbox 1 sales including respectable sites like Reuters, only to be corrected a few days later and Reuters having to withdraw their news.

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I believe NPD actually came out and said that CNBC didn't even talk to anyone at NPD and they were lying if they said they did. NPD said CNBCs figures were from other sources (i.e. people who don't know squat)