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Forums - Website Topics - Help, I've been hacked.

Dear Mods,  since i think you can fix this,


My username (dannyphantom105) has been hacked and the password changes almost every second. 

First, i tried to log in and i had the wrong password. So i clicked forgot password.


When the email arrived, it was  the wierd password  senyphadj68.

then i tried that and it failed to log in. the new email said the password was senyphadj1.

and senyfadj33 after that. 

someone has hacked my username,  dannyphantom105, so i am using a new username, dannyphantoml05

(yes thats with an L). Would the people who run this site be able to get me my old username back? 


thanks a bunch. 

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Just keep on trying to retrieve you password and keep on trying the ones that it sends you, after a while one of them should work, it already happened to other people.

is dannyphantom105 also your email by any chance?

if so, any random person could just have send the forgotten password thing, like a million times.

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