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Playstation Gamer League is back hosting another trophy tournament. This time, the game will be Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Yes, we know it's early. But it has to be made early so that every one gets a fair chance. So if you are planning on having this game, it's a good idea to register for this event as soon as possible. This is a race to see who gets the coveted platinum trophy first. The first one that actually reports having the trophy will be the winner.


Of course, this will be checked for accuracy. Look below for the information regarding this event:

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Trophy Tournament

Registration is open from July 15 2012 to two days after the game's official release date

The goal here is to be the first one to get a Platinum Trophy for this game (excluding download content)

Unlimited number of people allowed to enter

Prize- $20 PSN Card

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You should open it up to 360 owners and say a platinum or 1000 and I'd happily join

(note-- I totally don't expect to win, I never platinum or 1000 games.  I've gotten close on quite a few, but the only one I've successfully gotten 1000 on was Avatar: the Last Airbender >_>)