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Forums - Website Topics - Are people already abandoning their 360's because of blu-ray?

Some of my friends are


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Not a terribly well made thread here.



After trading in a huge quantity of games I have a $300 credit at EB games and I considered buying a PS3. Being that I already own an XBox 360 I saw little benefit of adding a PS3 beyond using it as a Blu-Ray player; I debated for a couple of hours about trading in the 360 for a PS3 but decided against it.

I wouldn't be too surprised if there are people who would trade one system for the other, but I don't think it is common.

Either this is a lame joke thread or ...... actually I can't think of an or that wouldn't be considering flaming the OP.

I suspect an awful lot of people(me included) could care less about blu-ray(or HD DVD). What's your(or your friends') arguement for abandoning the 360 for blu-ray? What will they think when MS inevitably releases it's own blu-ray?

For me, blu-ray is a greedy and unnecesary initiative by movie studios to increase revenue. Standard DVD is just fine and will continue to be the mass market format for many years to come.

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