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Forums - Movies & TV - Funimation App question (help)

So today I decided to download the free version of the Funimation App. I saw it talked about on TV and after reading about it. I heard that there are three levels for the app the first is a free version that has commercials and banners and only a few episodes of select series available. The 9.99$ paid version gives you access to most of Funimations shows and no banners but commercials are still in place. For another 7.50$ a month you get access to all of Funimations shows and movies with no ads or banners.

So I thought reading about it that this was a NetFlix like service for Funimation. I decided to download the free version just to see what shows are available. I intended to buy the 9.99$ App, so I selected a show it offered a trailer and a part that said buy. I was puzzled so I looked at other shows and they all say buy.

My question why the hell would I buy a show that has commercial breaks and banners? I am confused because if I am paying 9.99$ for the full app just to buy each series individually and have to sit through the commercials. Then why the hell would I spend an additional 7.50$ a month so I have the option of buying even more programs this time without ads and banners

I am hoping I am wrong I pressed the buy button on a show but when it started loading I quickly pressed the back button realizing I was likely purchasing the show. Is the buying each show thing exclusive to the free version? What exactly are you getting for the 9.99$ anybody use the Funimation App. I was looking forward to it thinking it was anime Netflix. I would pay the 7.50$ a month easy to have access to all of Funimations movies and shows. Can anyone help me?


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