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Mnementh said:
I suck at it (I now three times didn't manage to get through the first chapter on intensity 9.0), but I would participate. But I'm from Europe, so probably I couldn't join because I'm in another timezone than all the US-people.
But if it happens at a time there I will be able to join, you can count me in.

Alright, we will be negotiating a time and date soon.

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spurgeonryan said:
Actually at over 200-300 thousand in sales it is selling quite well Ninpie. So where is everyone? We have like 3 threads on this game plus this one. There has to be some people?

That's what I was thinking. I need to advertise like I did on the MK7 Tournament.

spurgeonryan said:
Go to those threads that have been made on Kid Icarus and advertise to each of the users who have the game. I know D21 loves to play online!

Alright. Could you send me a link please?

Cheers spurge! Looks like I'm gonna have another long night!

I'll join!

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did you find the game yet?

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I'm in!

My friend code is in my sig.

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Cougarman said:

did you find the game yet?

Read the OP. I haven't gotten it but I'm going to order it today. Have you found one for me or something?


Thanks to walkthrublazer3 and pokemonbrawlvg for signing up!

I'm in, though I warn you I suck at versus. All those other people running around like they are sonic destroy me.... :(

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Great thanks. I will update the OP soon so that we can see who has joined.


EDIT: I have ordered the game. Should get it in 2 - 3 days