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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Battlefield 3 DLC - What would you like to see?

Most Battlefield 3 fans will have probably have heards the rumours about the All American DLC expansion that is supposedly due to be annouced in the near future. I will be keeping a keen eye out for any new info but I'm also curious what the rest of the Battlefield fanbase would like to see from any new offerings.

For me, my top request is clear. I'm desperate for a training ground separate from campaign and multiplayer where I can practice flying jets and helicopters without getting shot at. I get people constantly proclaiming how Battlefield 3 vehicle combat is a cut above the rest yet cannot enjoy it as I can hardly take-off and get my bearing without getting and omminous enemy lock-on alarm and getting shot out of the sky. On the rare occasion I evade the radar, the battle scene draws my attention and I inevitably crash as I lose my bearings. My last attempt left my stranded miles from the battlefield as a mishap with the B Button left my soldier stranded at sea miles from Wake Island. The only thing that makes it more infuriating is watching other players dominate the skys with ease.

EA, I'm am practically begging you!

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I definitely want a drastic change of scenery, I want tropical rainforests and snow covered environments instead of more sand and city. But I'll be happy with almost anything to be honest. The "all-american" rumour sounds pretty cool, I'd love to play in San Francisco or Miami :)
+ more weapons/attachments through the assignments system.

The OP is on point. I can't pass the third co-op mission because I suck flying helicopters and I'm frankly embarrassed to fly that thing in front of my squad mate.

Lower damage.