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Forums - Movies & TV - shark night sucked.

I watched a movie called shark night the other day,out of pure bordeom. I had low expections before I watched the movie,and the movie managed to exceed those expections. The movie was so bad,it managed to make jaws 4 the revenge look like oscar worthy material. The movie took it's self way to seriously. I've seen better acting out of a highschool play. The CGI was so bad it made me laugh. I did'nt know sharks could jump 15-20 feet in the air to kill it's victim. You later find out that people are purposely breeding all these sharks,to purposely kill people and filming it,with cameras inserted into the sharks. There doing this in hopes of selling the footage to people for top dollar to harcore fans. Something about shark week being one of the highest rated shows. The movie was also rated pg-13,so most of the deaths are pretty tame. So you've got a bad premise,bad acting,lack of any really gore and bad CGI. My only positive was that I thought the women were pretty hot,but there's no nudity. So,I give this movie a 1/10. lol

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Shark Night is nothing short of a masterpiece, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Well then for sure don't see Mega python vs Gatoroid..

A snake swallowing a whole train ...


So it has the perfect premise for the college kid crowd, except it does not deliver with the blood and nudity. I cannot just sit down and watch B-movies anymore anyways. Maybe there just used to be a lack of anything good on or something, but I used to be able to sit down and watch anything. No days you have a thousand shows on cable and there are actually a lot of good ones now. Then as far as movies go there are plenty of fun ones out there to see. They may not have as good as story as movies used to, but there are many more options now. I just cannot watch bad movies anymore. Not even if I just want to make fun of them.

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