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Following the release of Trine 2 today on PC, sales of its predecessor have hit 1.1 million units since it first launched in summer 2009, VG247′s learnt.


The number, which applies for both the PC and PSN versions of the Atlus-published puzzler, was given to us on a Finnish media tour by Neogames director KooPee Hiltunen.

Patrick Garratt is currently in Finland for us this morning.

The last heard on sales numbers for Trine 1 was back in February, when it was reported by Finnsh newspaper Kauppalehti it had sold 400,000 units.

An Xbox 360 version was thought to be in development, but that’s been canned since.

Its sequel launches today on PC, where you’ll revisit playing the roles of either thief, knight or wizard in a new adventure. The game will also support up to three-player simultaneous co-op.

It comes to PSN on December 20 and XBLA on December 21.

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The Humble Bundle really helped

wow....big big fan of the 1st game,bought it from PSN and enjoyed it so much..didn't know about the 2nd one being released this month!!....can't wait to buy Trine 2 from PSN:))

Everyone is going nuts for this game on Nvidia 3D vision forums. Apparently it looks sensational in 3D on the PC... Will give it a go for sure.

I'll have to get the first game off of PSN and give it a try.


'gaming till I'm gone'

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Loved the first. And a great soundtrack!

In other news: Bastion for $4.99 on Steam!!

Got this game in a bundle on steam last Christmas, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Good to see all of these indie games doing so well.

I'll be picking up the Linux version when it comes out next year.

Very nice result