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Forums - Movies & TV - 24 film gets the green light!

Mark Bomback (The Wolverine) is set to put fourth the final script and plot line for the new 24 movie based on the much loved critically acclaimed TV series. Director Tony Scott has pulled out of the film due to other projects, Imagine Entertainment and Fox have five potential directors in mind and haven't made a final decision on who will direct it. Brian Grazer is set to produce the new film and pre-production is expected to be finished shortly.

Shooting of the film will begin as soon as Kiefer is freed in April. Earlier this year Keifer said the film would launch within 2012 so expect the film to be rushed through production. I wonder if they will turn the 24 series into a film series or wrap the entire series up with this big screen installation.

What are your hopes for the movie? Do you want a single movie giving you a cataclysmic ending to Jack Baur or do you want to see a movie series born out of the adventures of Jack?


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Sorry, having watched over a hundred hours of 24, i can say that this will not only fail financially, it will suck. The point behind 24 wasn't a simple action series with different topics for each episode. It was about a large cast of characters each playing a part in multiple layers of an intricate group of stories that are woven together with a larger overall plot that Jack was running through.

After searching for a half an hour or so thinking that you JC7 already made a thread about this months ago, I can finally post knowing that I could not find anything on it on google.

If they make it have enough action, and give it a good story it should do fine. Just have to keep the budget down below 50 million I think.

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Cool, I can't wait. It could easily just carry on from where the series ended with Jack on the run from both the bad guys (I think it was Russians or Chinese or something) and the US government.

The series end was bullshit and massively disappointing so hopefully the movie gets rid of this feeling and wraps things up nicely.