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why cannot i download these games? i am in australia are they only available in NA?

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no idea....all i know is that they are complete crap so your not missing much

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Aegis Wing is actually not that bad, just repetitive for a "Shoot 'Em Up." You can get all the achievements easily too! =P

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You are right Wing is not that bad. It is a decent time waster. Better if you playing with friends. Yaris I personally did not like because I do not think much thought went into it. It was just made to promote the cars. Thats my opinion.


They are only on the NA marketplace, but I thought everyone had a spare account from other regions, I have four - My main UK one, a US, a Canadian and a Japanese one.

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Ya, I don't thik your missing much. They certianly aren't the "gems" of XBLA, but since their free, Hey! might as well right?

PS Yaris is just an advertisement game thingy :/