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Hey, does anybody know a place I can find information about Microsoft's press releases and public statements regarding the original Xbox between its 1999 announcement and its 2001 launch?  I'm honestly not too big on Microsoft personally, but when the Product Policy professor mentioned the original Xbox as a topic he was interested in, I couldn't pass up doing my final project on the topic.  The problem I'm having is that any Xbox info is either about the 360 or generically about the video game industry, mentioning Xbox merely as a portion of the whole.  Because I tend to not follow Xbox news, I have no idea where to even start looking for this kind of stuff, particularly because I need 8-10 year old news.

Anybody know where to look?

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You should check into the Dreamcast as will probably find some answers there.

Try Google News. You can input a range of years to search under.

did xbox have a code name? like revolution was for wii? cause googling the code name would get you more of what you are looking for.

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