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VG Charts? or

NexGen has spent countless hours researching sales facts from dozens of sources to track the worldwide sales of the consoles and monitor the next generation of console wars between the Microsoft Xbox 360, the Sony Playstation 3, and the Nintendo Wii.
It updates quickly. Every 5 minutes, I refresh the page to find new numbers. So what do you guys think?

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Both nexgenwars and vgcharts show estimates. Both cant be 100% correct. However nexgenwars uses some kind of auto-counter that increases every few seconds. And while numbers at vgcharts CAN be wrong (by wrong i mean serious mistake), numbers at nexgenwars ARE wrong.

Yeah, don't take either one to the bank. I'd say study some sources yourself and make your own decision... that's what I do.

Nextgenwars numbers simply cant be I would take vgcharts numbers with priority . Examples Nintendo Wii ,after nextgenwars it has only sold 2 million .....but Nintendo said it would ship 4 million by year end and it is in rupture of stock worldwide .So or Nintendo lied big time a-la-Sony with their numbers and only managed to ship 50% of what it said or nextgenwars is talking BS .And ,taking in count how it has sold nearly a million y Japan and reportedly after NPD 1,8 million in NA then its clear the correct number is the number of this site and not the nextgenwars one . Second example Playstation 3 ,if it had 400 00 as of 24 december in Japan and 750 000 in NA as for the same date it is pretty obvious the 850 000 number of worldwide consoles sold of nextgenwars is BS .Taking in count the big week of sales in Japan is the one between 24 and 31 dec and that in the last weeks Sony has released many more consoles than before this number turns more and more absurd .We can say with 100% of security that the PS3 numbers arent 850 000 by a long shot ...more like 1 400 000 . So ,taking in count that nextgenwars downplays BOTH the Wii and PS3 but magnifies the numbers of the X360 sistematically I suspect that site is clearly biased towards Microsoft .Hey ,maybe they even are financed by Microsoft ,like so many blogs and posters of forums ...

Diomedes1976 said: Hey ,maybe they even are financed by Microsoft ,like so many blogs and posters of forums ...
nexgenwars frequently has adverstisments on the top of the page for PSPs and other Sony products (as well as Xbox). I somehow doubt that a MS financed project is running ads for Sony. Just a hunch. And, yes... ngw's figures for Wii and PS3 are as absolutely as every bit screwy as this site's Xbox 360's figures. My biggest question about this site is that apparently the guy who runs it goes by the handle "Wii_gamer" and the Xbox 360 figures are horribly out of line with every other professional analyst. I can't help but wonder if the 360 is being lowballed here to make the Wii appear better. I suspect that NGW is being run by somebody in love with the Xbox and vgcharts is being run by a Nintendo fanboy. In each case they don't screw with the numbers of their beloved console, but with the other consoles figures. So, my personal opinion is if you want the absolute most accurate stats, go to NGW for your Xbox 360 stats and get your Wii stats from vgcharts. I'm not sure where to go for your PS3 stats. I don't think anybody likes them. Perhaps I'll corner that market and start a site. I'll skew all the numbers anyway I want! How does this look? Xbox 360 - 7.5 million Wii - 2 million PS3 - 2.1 million

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I think nextgenwars is the biggest lies and pretty much fanboys run website. As we know, used NPD data in NA and MediaCreate of japan. Where did nextgenwars get their source.. out of no where, didn't site their source at all. It really didn't make sense with their PS3 data. According to Media Create, 490k PS3 sold in Japan. According to NPD Nov, 200k PS3 sold in US. Add them up you get 690k. What do they have now, 820k, so PS3 just sold 130k december in US?. I think not. Also if a website claimed they can track units down to a single digit accurary. That's pretty much lies. Even NPD can't do that.