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Forums - Sony Discussion - *Best Sony Franchise Elimination Game*

+ Uncharted
- Gran Turismo


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Shit Gran Turismo is even lower!

+Gran Turismo
- Jak and Daxter

+God of War

+ Killzone
- Jak & Daxter

May the adjustments be with you

I feel a disturbance in the sales

+Gran Turismo
-Sly Cooper (if it's already eliminated then Twisted Metal. If Twisted Metal is eliminated then God of War).

No troll is too much for me to handle. I rehabilitate trolls, I train people. I am the Troll Whisperer.

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- Jak & Dax


-little big planet


+ Uncharted
- Gran Turismo

Uncharted and LBP.

 Go Team Venture! I still don't get the Wii, PS Move,  and Kinect.

+ Ratchet & Clank

- LittleBigPlanet