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Forums - General Discussion - Kojima Announces Suda 51's Sdatcher

Here’s an announcement that’s bound to disappoint. Hideo Kojima has announced a new project from Suda 51 that’s inspired by Snatcher, a classic Kojima title from 1988. Now before you get too excited, you’ll probably want to know that this isn’t a new game. It’s actually a radio drama. Profound sadness!

Although details on the show have not been revealed yet, Andriasang reports that Hideo Kojima is listed as the drama’s planner and director. Suda 51 is credited with the script, Satoshi Yoshioka is listed as the character designer, and Akira Yamaoka will be providing the music. That sounds like an amazing lineup. Can you imagine what would happen if they all worked on a game together?

While this may seem like a new announcement, Suda 51 actually revealed the Snatcher inspired radio drama back in 2007. It was known then as “Project-S”. 1up reported that the drama was going to be the first project related to the Snatcher series. It’s unknown if other projects are still in the works at this time.

Sdatcher will be released in Japan as a part of the 300th broadcast of Kojima’s radio show. Hideradio is currently on episode 2


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"inspired radio drama."

I like the sound of that.

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