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Forums - Movies & TV - Saw Mr. Popper's Penguins Tonight!

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I was going to see it just for Jim Carrey supporting my fellow Canadian and one of the greatest comedic actors to walk the earth! But my friends all saw it and said it was for children and not that funny at all. Then on CBC my most trusted television channel the reviewer echoed their analysis saying it was made for children and was a decent family movie. Later I read other articles saying this was Jim Carrey at his worst and not really one of his finer moments.

After hearing so much negative about it I decided to skip seeing it in theaters and wait till it arrives on DVD or NetFlix. I will watch it , sort of want to watch it. I just don't wanna waste my money on something everyone says is terrible!


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Jim Carrey is the only reason I have any remote interest in watching this.... My little bro and sis told me they enjoyed watching it tho