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Forums - Website Topics - Why is ssj12 a MOD?

I find myself in constant disbelief to what he writes on this site, and it wouldn't bother me, but he's a mod and should act more professional. What really set me off just now was his thread on the next US civil war. His arguments felt like they came from a 10 year old child and led me to believe he was just kidding around with us. However, he followed up on the thread and was truly sincere about it. 

Another ssj12ism came about two months ago when someone insulted him in some way or form and he responded that he really didn't need this site and he's so cool because he's in university and gets laid every day. I mean shouldn't mods be above this kind of crap?

I do enjoy his news threads but it’s just a copy and paste from another news source. I don't know. I think I just needed to vent this.

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