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Who has the best conference at this E3

Microsoft 8 9.64%
Sony 40 48.19%
Nintendo 32 38.55%
Other 3 3.61%

Sony > Microsoft > Nintendo


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Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft

anyone know where i can watch it pre recorded? i am so confused, so I need to see it before voting..




None lived up to my expectations though

Sony -- PSV (and its price), Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, ICO and shadow 3D remakes, Exclusive games (instead of just DLC) with PS3 versions, Cinema Now,

Nintendo -- all classic games revealed for 3DS, Zelda HD (vaporware for now), Wii U controller (seems pretty good).

Microsoft -- Nothing really that great. Kinect Voice commands for games looks odd especially for Mass effect may be combat voice control will prove to be better/faster. Schafer's game looks interesting but for little kids only. Live TV control seemed odd again with voice since it was just live TV how about changing channel??? I did like the new XBOX dash upgrade.

So Sony > Nintendo > Microsoft