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Who here is playing this game? I just saw the review on VGC, fell in love with the game after seeing the pictures and the video, and decided to read up more about it. It looks spectacularly awesome!

Everyone keeps comparing it to the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, and that couldn't make me happier. I just showed my friend and my little brother the trailer for this game, and they instantly became giddy. We're all about to make our own profiles and check out the game for ourselves.

Who else here has played the game? Impressions? ^_^


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For a free to play game it's pretty damn fun.  I started after reading the review as well, and I spent a few hours yesterday and a few more today playing.  It's simple but addictive and extremely fun, the art style is cute and appealing, and the learning curve is essentially non-existant.  It's not the deepest or most involved game in the world, but it's well worth some playtime since it is a free game.

I asked Cleverbot if I should get it, he said I should exercise more then I think he was getting ready to rape me. That's a bad sign for this game 

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