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Blood_Tears said:
Lyrikalstylez said:
italo244 said:

Damn, Konami will start fuc**** the franchise... Like Sega did with Sonic... I'm dissapointed.

why cause its multi, >__>

Grow up Kid

I think he was only talking about the Dev switch..

Poor me... T-T

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But the truth is... RT @brianjkim: If the rumor that @PG_Kamiya is making Metal Gear Solid: Rising is true, I may die from excitement.

I've never played MGS series yet... RT @brianjkim

Yup, the very wonderful one. RT @krokounleashed: @PG_kamiya Hope your new game will be shown soon.



Sources all from neogaf :P

A banner stolen from some site xD

Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII nowwwwwwwwww!!! lol :P

The game is being placed in the hands of a capable team. Great news.

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MGS5 on PS3 and NGP? I guess Sony is turning the NGP into a portable extension of the PS3, among other things.

Play at home and when you must leave it, play it still.

I'm having conflicting feelings about this. Just give me more LocoRoco and I'll say it's the greatest thing ever!

Carl2291 said:


Rising changing dev is understandable. Kojima pretty much didn't want anything to do with it anyway, he gave it to a B-Team of his and now it's apparently being given to a different team again.

Rising really wont be a "Metal Gear".

PC apparently getting remakes of every MGS game. Erm... Okay lol

MGS5 being a multiplat release on PS3, 360, NGP and maybe 3DS. Okay. How big was MGS4 again? You can bet a LOT that MGS5 will be bigger. I can understand PS3/360 Multi... NGP/3DS is stupid.


Some of this seems true, some of this seems stupid. Don't know what to believe.

I agree, this is probably for the best.


The fact is since it was announced, MGS: Rising was meant to be a stylized action game with some Metal Gear sensablities and Raiden as a fake Dante in his cyborg ninja apparell. Platinum Games have created some of the best action games of this generation.


How is this not a "Win Win" for all involved. Gamers get the best action game they could most likely get. Kojima productions who really don't have much experience with "these" types of games get rest to focus on other works. And Platinum gets more pub and good word of mouth they can pull off something close to what they did with Bayonetta and Vanquish.

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So, what's basically transpired the past few months at Konami is:

Cancelled one of Kojima's pet projects and told him to hurry up/get to work harder on MGS5. 

I can't blame Konami for tryiing to run a business, but I would be pissed too if I were in Kojima's shoes. 

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@pullus prada  WTH are you talking about??? MGS4, Portable Ops, and Peace Walker are still exclusives to there respected platforms, so dont know where your getting this all MGS games were released on PC/360, i want what your smoking

OT im the only one who is not excited about this, my excitement level has actually gone down. IMHO Platinum Games are an overrated dev team. I havent played a game from them that has blown me away yet.But im such a fan of the series that i will keep an open mind and will still check out even if it doesnt come close to the main series

well, at least Platinum are a good development team.  It could've gone to a far worse developer.

MGS5 on the NGP? What? I heard that MGS4 was somewhere around the ball park of 30 Gb. So how can MGS5 follow up with less? Not following on that one. Hmmm, well switching devs isn't going to be too much of a problem if the end justifies the means that is, I guess it should be fine. However, Metal Gear Solid, main story, is an IP that is deep-rooted in Playstation. The reactions/fallout, if this were to actually occur, would be huge, but I doubt it would happen. 

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Iveyboi said:

The end of the MGS series has begun...woof

That happened with Portabe Ops/