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Forums - Sales Discussion - I've just entered the Prediction League

ye Matt from IGN needs to give us more info about these secret titles hes telling about.

im not certain whether they can pump up the production of the Wii by such a large number (average prediction is 16-17 mil) but i do agree in the fact that the Wii will be leading by quite a large gap.

and ofcourse Kwaad knows what their production plans are, he works there duhh
oh wait..

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Johnlucas: Nintendo has sold 6.5m consoles in 5 months it is 8 months left of the year. 20m-6.5=13.5m consoles for the rest of the year. That would mean Nintendo will need to sell 1.7m per month  from May. That seem way to optimistisc I dont know what you are on really but I need to try it to get new perspective on life. Wtf 1.7m/month and you say that is low estimate? :D

Cant really say much on PS3/360 that is little harder. But I believe/hope that PS3 will get to 10m million mark.


Nothing is impossible. If Nintendo is able to produce enough Wiis there is no problem. Dec 02 the PS2 sold in the US 3,340,000 units. In Japan and the Others together, I think the same number is possible and what would be only December.