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So thanks to 9009pc in the EMEAA sales thread, I've been looking into this PS3 game that was briefly shown at E3 and GDC during one of Sonys usual montages. When 9009pc first posted the image, I was like 'Holy shit! That looks like a first person Alan Wake', now as a fan of Alan Wake, I became instantly interested.

9009pc was nice enough to do some research and what he found was this:

1:21 and 1:35

  2:12 in this video.

He also found a single thread on GT talking about it and they all said what I was thinking, which is the game looks  a lot like the promising PS3 exclusive 'Redwood Falls' that use to be compared to early Alan Wake footage back in 2006. 

It was an FPS being developed by Kuju Entertainment and it was promising great visuals, interesting gameplay mechanics and a more survival horror oriented plot and environment.

One of the few articles I could find about it mentions that it was put on hold back in 2008.

Heres the article:

and heres some gameplay footage of it, you'll notice how similar it looks to the small amount of video shown in the montages and the pictures posted above:

So what is this mysterious game? Why hasn't Sony said anything about it? Could it really be Redwood Falls returning from the dead? If you have any info on it, please post and if you don't, try and guess some good answers up.

Can you unravel the mystery?

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its redwood falls!

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i kept looking forward to this game, but the last thing i heard about it was that it had been cancelled

although the one who said so didn't provide any proof, so there is still hope

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VERY intriguing title! I remember seeing this waaay back when, so if it still lives, I need more info!


man i see this the first time...looking awesome...i want that...Sony please release this!!!

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thank you Doobie_wop

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I think it's something from Keiichiro Toyama, creator of SIREN series. As far as I recall he said on Twitter page that his secret project is going pretty well . Can't find the message though. Here's the thing:!/K_Toyama

Alan Wake 2?

Definitely intriguing. I hope they don't cancel this game !

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