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Forums - General Discussion - Videogames turned into Movies and Movies made into Videogames

For me, the best Movie turned Videogame would probably have to be GoldenEye, just because not very movie-turned-videogames are very good to begin with.


Videogame-turned-movies are tougher, since most of them suck.  Actually all of them suck. I can't think of any one movie that was even decent.


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You mustn't watch much Anime then because some of the Street Fighter and Final Fight Anime's are fantastic (actually I don't know which one came first, but I assume it's the games).

I also liked the Resident Evil movies personally.

Live action Street Fighter SUCKED ASSSSS ;)

oh come on the live action street fighter was fantastic. so amazingly corny =)

seriously though, games turned movies all suck, there's no denying it. What I would like to know is what games would make good movies. Personally, I would like to see a Homeworld movie myself.

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Oh yeah... DOA was sick, that had hot chicks!!