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can't believe this thread is still alive

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PS3 with 51 games. It was 360 up until 2010.


PS3 is #1. Cause the exclusives are better IMO..... And because all of my friends have a PS3..... Only one of my friends have a 360 left, everyone else traded it in for a ps3 or sold it for a ps3 

Xbox 360 is #2. I cant let go of gears of war and forza, who can forget alan wake either..... And kinect is alot of fun.... I like it alot for party use

WII is 3rd: Mario and Zelda, the rest suck.... Sorry nintendo

PS3: 62

XBOX360: 22

WII 10

For me it's the 360. It's my only system.

I have 42.

Of which 25 are not avaiable on any other console.

And as an online player, I could NOT live without Halo.