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Forums - Sales Discussion - March NPD numbers

When are these supposed to be released?  Thats what makes up the American monthly chart on the front page of, right?

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Come back here April 19th and it should be out.


For some reason, NPD numbers cover from March 4th through April 7th, adding in a full week of April.  So it's the 2nd Thursday after the 7th, which is the 19th.

So this is another 5-week month.  That's strange, since January was a 5-week month also.  I thought every third month was 5 weeks, and the rest 4 weeks.  Does anyone know if 2007 is a 53-week fiscal year?

I believe 2007 NPD is 53 weeks, yes.  Thus the extra week in January, which was mentioned at the time.  Some correction they need to do every 7 years or something.  In theory, March, June, September, and December are always 5 week months then?  I don't know.

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Just be glad that they actually do release the numbers, unlike European ones, especially the UK Chart Track.

NPD numbers always come out 1 week + a thursday after the reporting period ends.

Unfortunately, I didn't know that March was a 5 week month for NPD. That totally screws my predictions over.

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.

Holy crap. I'm waiting on these numbers. I need them sooooo bad. I have a thread topic I want to write but I need the numbers to back my ass up. Now I have to wait a whole week.

TalonMan said:

Ok, then allow me to be blunt...

...NPD sucks @ss. Seriously - why the hell is it so damn hard for them to get numbers out on a consistant basis? Japan has 3 different companies - all of which are able to provide weekly data. The US?

"Well, if it's the first Sunday after a full moon and El Nino is in effect, then the following Thursday will have last months numbers. If, on the otherhand, it's a half moon on the first Sunday, then NPD numbers will be 2 weeks further away."

I repeat - NPD sucks @ss.

It's hardly NPD's fault for following exactly the same fiscal schedule as the companies whose sales they are tracking.

Well just to stop all of this anticipation for the March chartz I will say the biggest seller is....

God of War 2 with around 1.5 million- 80.5 million!!!!!!!

Actually I do think it will take the number one spot with total sales of 1.5 million as of March! I love god of War, biggest reason to buy a PSP and PS3!