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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Zelda phanthom hourglass 23th of June in Japan

Zelda Phanthom hourglass, the first DS instalment of the longlasting nintendo series is set to release 23th of June in Japan, the game will be released in other NTSC regions and PAL regions in Holiday season 07...


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good to know

i think this game will be a good investment  ...

don't you have some screenshots ?

Screenshots of the game? Here are some if you want them.





Looks pretty good. 

I think it looks amazing. This may finally re-invent Zelda, and return it to its former glory (in Japan anyway - it still has a lot of glory elsewhere :>).

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I think this just looks like zelda... thouchpad.

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Kwaad said:
I think this just looks like zelda... thouchpad.

 Don't be so sarcastic Kwaad. We know you can't think!

And yes, the game looks bloody awsome. Especially the windwaker graphics in an isometric Link to the Past type of view. 

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Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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Kwaad isn't being sarcastic. His fanboy mind simply cannot fathom the possibility that anything remotely connected to Nintend can possibly amount to any good.

i for one can not wait to get this game. i really like good DS games. i love playing my DS, using the touch screen, solving puzzles, and having fun, and i think this zelda is going to offer alot of all of that. (and has good graphics too)

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Not out before Christmas? Amazon still tells me that it's going to ship in May. Oh well, no new Zelda this summer...

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It looks like the good old Mode 7 graphics are back.

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